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Beauty and Tradition Combined: Our Open Porch in Mamble

Meticulously crafted and nestled in the picturesque village of Mamble, our Open Porch has brought joy to our customer.


This architectural gem boasts:

  1. Jowled Posts: Sturdy and distinctive, these hand-carved timber posts lend character and strength to the structure.

  2. Curved Front Eaves Beam: A graceful curve that not only shelters but also adds an artistic touch to your outdoor space.

  3. Curved Queen Posts: Rustic and unique, these intricately designed vertical supports elevate the porch’s aesthetics.

Whether you seek a tranquil spot for morning coffee or a place to welcome guests, our Open Porch in Mamble invites guests to experience a fusion of tradition and beauty in our customers home.

Hand Crafted Elegance: Our Glazed Porch in Ledbury

Our bespoke Glazed Porch in Ledbury is a testament to our attention to detail, as well as our diligent building and design style.


Here’s why it stands out:

  1. Air-Dried Oak: Each beam is hewn from seasoned oak, aged to perfection. This not only ensures durability but also infuses character into every inch.

  2. Rebated Beams: Precision matters. Our beams are meticulously rebated to smoothly accommodate the glass panels. No gaps, no compromises.

  3. Kiln-Dried Glazing Bead: The secret lies in the details. Our glazing bead, with its 15-degree chamfer, ensures water glides away effortlessly. Raindrops become a dance on your windows, not a nuisance in your home.

Whether you seek a cosy reading nook or an inviting entryway, our Glazed Porch's can be used in many ways to create a space where nature and architecture harmonise.

Our Stunning Garage in Northumberland

Our remarkable 5-bay garage is more than just a place to park your vehicles—it’s a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Key Features:

  1. Five Bays in Total: Plenty of space to store vehicles, machinery or other outdoor equipment.

  2. Two Enclosed Bays: Safeguard your prized possessions from the elements within these secure, weather-resistant spaces.

  3. Log Store on the Side: Practicality meets rustic charm with our integrated log store, perfect for storing firewood or garden essentials.


Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a DIY aficionado, or simply appreciate quality craftsmanship, our garages promises both utility and allure.

Our Elegant Green Oak Porch in Lichfield

Our Green Oak Porch stands as a testament to both tradition and innovation. With its curved high beam and jowled posts, it exudes character and charm.

But what truly sets it apart? The remarkable fact that this masterpiece was meticulously fitted in just one day. Imagine the skill, the precision—the magic of transforming raw oak into a welcoming entryway.

Whether you’re sipping morning coffee or watching the sun dip below the horizon, our Green Oak Porchs invite you to linger, breathe in the scent of wood and appreciate the artistry of the first impression your guests will get of your home.

Timeless Beauty: Our Oak Pergola in Reading

Built around your outdoor patio, our Oak Pergolas are more than just a structure; they're a place to create memories and experiences with your family, friends and loved ones.

Key Features:

  • Custom Fit: Our Oak Pergolas are meticulously tailored to your outdoor space. Whether you have a cosy corner or an expansive patio, we’ve got you covered.

  • Effortless Installation: Imagine waking up to a bare patio and by the end of the day, witnessing it transform into your inspirational new space. Yes, our Oak Pergola can be expertly fitted in just one day.

  • Nature’s Embrace: The sturdy oak beams cradle your outdoor patio, inviting sunlight and shade in equal measure.

So why wait? Create the outdoor space you've always wanted with your own Oak Pergola today.

Culinary Magic: Our Oak Outdoor Kitchen in Reading

Nestled under an oak roof, this culinary space beckons you to savour life’s simplest pleasures of wine, food and good company.

Key Features:

  • Pizza Perfection: Picture this—a rustic pizza oven crowned by a chimney. The aroma of wood-fired crusts mingling with fresh basil and melted cheese. Our Oak Outdoor Kitchens bring the pizzeria experience home.

  • Alfresco Elegance: Gather friends, family, and fellow food enthusiasts. Our Oak Outdoor Kitchens are your canvas for culinary adventures. From grilling steaks to baking bread, every meal becomes an event for the whole family.

  • Nature’s Canopy: Sheltered by oak, you’ll cook, laugh, and create memories. Rain or shine, our Oak Outdoor Kitchens will welcome you whatever the elements may bring.

The best part? In just three days, our skilled craftsmen can have this unique and timeless space ready for you in your home.

When it comes to enhancing your home’s appeal, our Solid Oak Framed Porch is a game-changer for welcoming your guests.

Crafted from kiln-dried oak, this porch arrives in a convenient kit form, ensuring a swift and hassle-free installation right at the customers doorstep.


Why did our customer choose our Oak Framed Porch?

  1. Premium Materials: We use only the finest oak, resulting in a porch that is both elegant and durable.

  2. Expert Craftsmanship: Our skilled and dedicated team construct each porch, ensuring it stands up to the test of time against the elements.

  3. Sturdy and Stylish: The finished product combines robustness with an aesthetic that complemented their home.

Our Solid Oak Framed Porch can seamlessly blend in with any architectural style, adding a touch of sophistication to your home.

Elevate Your Home’s Aesthetic: Our Oak Framed Porch in Hartlebury

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